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Interdisciplinary Studio of Architecture, Interior Design, Design & Art.

Sonia Gómez de Toussaint

Architect, Interior Designer and Artist Sonia Gomez de Toussaint founded DIZE in 2009. 

Sonia has a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico and an Interior Design Certificate from Parsons. 

She worked in TEN Arquitectos offices in New York City where were she collaborated in projects such as Brooklyn Visual and Performing Arts Library and the Guggenheim Competition for Guadalajara.

She later worked at Arquitectonica´s Office in New York and in Paris. Sonia combines her love for architecture and interior design together with her passion to art.

For her, creating a work of art is as exciting as creating a architectural space, an object, or furniture. The variety of projects DIZE has goes from residential to designing a hotel in Albania, Europe.

Furniture and lighting design are also one of our passions. She continues to explore the use of materials, form, colours in her art and sculpture that together with the architectural Interior Design part of the studio creates a unique blend of Art & Design.

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