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Mar Ibérico
San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México
Design Team
Sonia Gomez / Sharon Milgrom /
Diana Mendoza / Michelle Diaz

Mar Iberico design is inspired in the Sierra Madre surrounding, following with neutral tones & materials like wood, marble and other stones, joining the interior and exterior architecture. The incredible view gives life with natural light to every space in the house.

The playroom is where functionality meets design. The space can be transformed into a serious & elegant place by closing the moving wall, that has a mirror design for the illusion of a bigger area, and in the day time to catch more natural light. 


A resin table, Italian chairs by Arrmet, and Susana Cantú's piece of artwork makes the playroom multifunctional, where it can transform into a dinning room or a game table with ease. 


The project was a collaboration between two studios, one located in San Pedro and the other in Miami.


Looking for the perfect combination of Architecture, Interior Design, Sculpture & Art in our projects. 

We love collaborating with other artists who help the spaces, turn into something special for every client.

Mar Ibérico II
San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México
Design Team
Sonia Gomez / Patricia Alemán / Linda Carmona

This project was created as a fusion of the connection between the mountains surrounding the site and the interiors of the house, we wanted to create an inside-out connection and vice versa. The Pavilion had two main problems to solve. Sun exposure wind currents, these two factors made it difficult for the users of the house to be outside because of the lack of comfort.  The solution to these problems was to conceive a pavilion that had sliding stackable  doors so one can have a completely open area to block sun and wind currents. The terrace is divided into two areas: 

1.    Bar / game table:  The area has a glass roof, creating a 60 percent shading to avoid the sunrays and heat. 

2.    The dining area: This particular area has 100 percent shading so the family can dine comfortably. 

The material used to create the Wood like panels is a pvc that has a longer life and more resistance than typical Wood. 

All the furniture used in this area is made for outdoor use. 
The bar is made of quartzite and concrete while the game table is made out of resin. 

The main piece in the living room's tv-lounge area is the fireplace. It connects on a horizontal axis  to a console made out of steel so that it can withstand heat from the fire.

The moldings throughout this area create a pattern in the walls. An oversized leather sofa was added to achieve maximum durability and comfort so the family can relax and enjoy TV, reading and spending time as a family. A Kaws sculpture in the back of this sofa creates the funky and fun ambience we always like to show in our projects. The circle resin tables have two different heights so they can fit different things in each one. At the end of the hallway there is a painting that stands out from all the other walls, it is the focus of this area since it's the only piece in the beautiful white hall. 
The main bedroom has neutral palette inspiration, a place for relaxation and rest. All the colors and textures we used were smooth and neutral. The Wall textures are from Sojo coverings, a tapestry that is durable and can be painted on as much as 10 times in different colors. Two lined nightstands were custom made  with the same material as the walls but with a different pattern with a marble top. The TV- desk custom made cabinet has two hidden doors so our client can have an open work space or close it for the organized look of beautiful furniture.

Río Lerma
San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México


Design Team
Sonia Gomez / Patricia Alemán / Linda Carmona

Girls Room

In this project we had to create the perfect comfortable, functional and at the same time, cool girls room. We had the challenge of fitting 3 full size beds with 2 of them having trundle beds below to have the coolest pajama parties.

We designed a desk for the three girls of the house where they could store many things, but at the same time the area looked very tidy, clean and with an excellent design. This is how we created some silver doors that dress the area and where you can keep many things at the same time.

The night-stands were made specially for this place having a mint green color that makes the tapestry in the back stand out. The night stands were made with vintage style handles that remind us of an old post office. They have little wheels so they can be moved around and the beds below can be opened.

The tapestry is the Bellewood model with our amazing “Rebel walls”

This tapestry makes you travel to another place and time.

We like to keep the color range of the bedspreads very neutral and easy to wash, with cotton machine wash materials. Adding some melon velvet cushions that contrast with the green of the tapestry and the nightstands.

The lighting from “Restoration Hardware”. It is a kind of sculpture installation that makes the repetition and accommodation of the different shapes harmonize with the rest of the environment.

The carpet is of “Gonal Interiores mx”

The linen curtains give warmth to the room and at the same time make a texture contrast with the rest of the materials.

The teenager´s shark room was designed as a cool place to hang out for a young adult. A Place to study, to invite friends and to relax.  The client needed a place to hang his hunting trophies as well as an area to chill out and practice guitar with friends, that’s why we created this music / hunting area.
El Palomar.
San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México
Design Team
Sonia Gomez / Patricia Alemán / Estefania Amaya / Linda Carmona
The clients for this particular project are a photographer and a visual artist, so as you can imagine the place itself has its own character. This studio/loft inside their house is where they welcome friends and family. The studio has its own full kitchen made by "Gaudi Cocinas".

As you enter the place there's a beautiful painting made by the artist owner of the place, it is an original painting transformed into a mural – canvas thanks to "Wall Project".

The base of the game table is an Antique sewing machine from around late 1800´s, we decided to leave a crystal top to be able to appreciate this beautiful and unique piece. 

The bar is made from recycled wood with a granite top. The vintage brick in the walls helps bring warmth to the space.

There is an oversized customized sofa to be able to comfortably sit as many people as possible and at the same time this chic sofa has two individual twin beds that can be opened.

The dinner table is a 4-meter-long parota tree from Nuevo Leon, it has a capacity for 16 people to comfortably dine. The cooper chandeliers used in the main table are treated as a beautiful single piece but a sculpture when they are seen all together. A custom made buffet furniture that frames a metallic paper picture mounted on aluminum from the artist that is our client.

The powder room has an Antique door from around 1920s that was left in its original emerald color, we left it as raw as possible, because we thought it's a beautiful piece of art by itself. 

El Palomar is a place were people meet, create, enjoy, transform, live.

San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México


Design Team
Sonia Gomez / Patricia Alemán / Linda Carmona 
Study & chill out area for young adults / big teenagers.  Most of the elements in booth rooms were specially crafted and custom made.
In this challenging but fun design, the client needed a two-bedroom complex for the teenagers in the house, four in total, all men. The interesting test to solve was that they have a lot of family from abroad who come to visit them, therefore this project sought to have the maximum number of beds possible in each room. 
The teenagers  also needed a place to be, a place where they can spend time with friends, listen to music, play and instrument, chill out. A place where they could study and do homework and at the same time an area where they could have a kind of family reunion.
Desk design. In this piece we decided to mix wood together with a metal mesh to cover the upper part of the bookshelves.
San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México


Design Team
Sonia Gomez / Patricia Alemán / Michelle Diaz / Linda Carmona 

This project intended to recover and value certain highly cherished furniture and art pieces that belong to our client. Mexican art and antique furniture of great sentimental and artistic value. In the reception, a wall was designed that frames a painting with acrylic, which makes the piece stand out, thus becoming the main element of this space. On the right side, a table with a wine-colored marble top was designed, referring to the history of the client's family that is dedicated to making wine. On the left, some old vases frame and unify to generate a fusion between the modern and the classic.


Existing sofas were used in the living room and an iron-glass table was designed. The bar, since wine is so important in the family, was designed to be a central meeting point and inviting to spend time there. With a natural quartzite countertop, with art pieces by José Andrés Aznar, Kaws and ancient sculptures.


The painting on this room was created by the artist Paola Celada. Resin pots were placed on the outside terrace.


The dining room was specially designed for the client with a rectangular and oval shape to avoid sharp corners with a handmade iron base.


In the kitchen, a clay-based hand-made ceramic tile was placed, hand-painted in the shape of a ray of light with a blue background that frames the rest of the pieces in the living room, dining room and kitchen.


The guest bathroom has a sink that is a monolithic piece of stone from D'un Monde A L'autre, making this unique sculptural piece stand out. On the back of this piece, a mirror was placed to pay homage to it, together with some arteriors lamps. A painting by Canales helps to harmonize the area, complementing the fusion between the stone of the sink with the rest of the space.


In the TV room and hallway at the end, there is a piece by Donald Judd and the TV room was intended to be a space to give protagonism to all the client's books, so that it would have a unique and incomparable character. A wood and glass coffee table was designed that frames a piece by the artist Paola Celada. A bookshelf that opens and closes to hide the TV in its entirety and is a piece of art in itself. A leather extension was custom-made for the room in order to enlarge it and achieve harmony with the rest of the area.

Living San Pedro
San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México
Design Team
Sonia Gomez / Patricia Alemán / Linda Carmona

This project required a different approach than our usual design process since it was designed for shared use in an apartment building instead of a single family house. Our client reached out to us seeking to improve the common areas and amenities in their building so that the tenants could make use of them.


The first phase of the project involved the improvement of the lounge area, a shared room where people could go watch TV, chat with friends or have a meal. We focused a lot on the vibe we wanted it to have, cozy but maintaining the feel of an apartment building, for this reason, lighting was key. 

Warm lighting contrasting with the blue color of the wall and golden touches in decoration give off a luxury feel. The shelves and kitchen are a taupe color and the countertop is made out of dark granite. 

The TV area is elegantly framed and the custom made sofa decorated with custom made cushions. Beside it, in the back, some lounge chairs and a side table were added for people to relax and have a pleasant conversation. On the other side of the room, a large dining/working table with 6 available seats was placed, generating the possibility of multiple use in the space. 

On the window, near the entrance there is a large bar with a granite countertop and aztec gold metal base, providing more working space. This is a place where tenants can work on their laptop while enjoying the outside view. 

Finally, we also redesigned the exterior part of the building. Converting a section of the parking space into a green area by adding grass and a tall green wall which made the place feel much more inviting and connected with nature. On a deck where people who enjoy the outdoors used to hang out, we proposed some exterior chairs and tables. At last, we added vintage outdoor string lights for a much warmer mood at night.

Capitolio Living
San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México


Design Team
Sonia Gomez / Patricia Alemán / Linda Carmona 

This project included the remodeling of an apartment complex. The goal was to make the shared spaces more inviting for the clients. The amenities included the facade, the main entrance, the cinema room, a kitchen and dining room, the living room and the gymnasium. All of these areas were intervened giving them a classic timeless, elegant look. 

MG Living Room
San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México


Design Team
Sonia Gomez / Patricia Alemán / Michelle Diaz / Linda Carmona 

Manuel González Sala/Bar


This room aims to combine the function of a bar with the function of a game room or living room. This family really likes to get together to watch games, play board games and spend time with family and friends. This is why a TV cabinet was designed with a leather background and a metalwork that opens and closes in which the TV can be completely hidden. In the lower part of the furniture, a high-gloss wooden bar was designed that houses a minibar, a wine fridge and drawers with the function of a cooler to put drinks and ice. In the back, a table/bar was made with a granite top and ironwork legs.


Design Team
Sonia Gomez / Patricia Alemán

Main Entrance

For this project we created the "wow factor" at the entrance hall of the house.
Pronouncing and taking advantage of the height with chandeliers mixed up with stingray-like furniture.

We proposed a piece of custom made furniture piece to cover the space under the stairs, its function is not merely aesthetic, it works as a very convenient storage space.

That same space when closed, becomes part of the architecture followed by a console in which one can store keys with a mirror in the back to create amplitude and multiply the wow factor of the space.

A round puff was added in the middle of the room as well as a resin sculpture on the left side.

Game Room

This playroom was created thinking of adults, children and also teenagers. It is an area with a round table where one can have board game sessions, a TV unit where one can watch football games and play xbox. A comfortable living room that invites a movie night combined with a bar that encourages inviting friends over which creates a warm and cozy atmosphere, generating spaces for family and social gatherings. 
The chandelier in the center of the room is by the brand Arteriors, on the right, a painting by Sonia Gomez sits above a walnut table. The central pieces on the TV cabinet were designed to be sculptural pieces and harmonize with the rest of the space so that it would have an unparalleled and essential aesthetic. All the accessories of the TV cabinet were specially curated by Sonia Gomez Studio to achieve harmony in each of the elements. Among these pieces are a sculpture by Javier Marín, a bust of a diver, quartz, antique books, design books, terrariums and more.
Design Team
Sonia Gomez / Diana Mendoza /
Michelle Diaz / Brenda Barbosa
This project was designed in 2017-2018 for a couple that needed a place to live in the city during weekdays so that in the weekends they could visit their place outside the city.
The main necessity of the clients was functionality and low maintenance. They also needed lots of space for up to 8 people to sleep in so when their grandchildren came to visit, they could host everyone at their place.
The custom made desks - closets were detailed to perfection so they could house lots of clothes but also look attractive and simple.
The dining room has an antique wooden piece used to feed animals in the 1800´s. Its base was designed so that it could host the antique piece and at the same time could make its beauty stand out. 
In this area there is an installation – sculpture made by Sonia Gomez Art that harmonizes with Cendejas' blue painting that matches the blue fabric details in the living room.  
The outdoor furniture was custom made inspired by the famous Acapulco chair.
In the office or studio there is a Palliser sofa so that the comfort of the people sleeping there would me guaranteed. 
There is a beautiful selection of art made by Andrez Aznar, Susana Cantu, Cendejas & Sonia Gomez
Alanza, Master Bedroom.
Design Team
Sonia Gomez / Patricia Aleman /
Michelle Diaz / Estefania Amaya
The art piece above the bed was custom made by artist Susana Cantu from her series “Levedad”. Watercolor on canvas, 80 x 100 cms

This is Us, 2018

Concrete with linen framed in an acrylic box

170 x 85 cms


"I made this piece inspired by events that made me realize that life is such a fragile thing.

We are no strangers to loss, to sickness, to suffering. Life is the most extraordinary gift we can have.

These pieces are made up with concrete, a strong man made material that can hold up so many pounds per square feet… but in the shape of an egg, the fragile but at the same time strong component that holds the life of an animal. Our physical bodies are just the shell that holds up what is really inside of us, what is really going to last forever together with the memories and the special moments we share with our loved ones. May we always hold ourselves together, laugh together, enjoy together, I hope I can collect all the beautiful moments we share, and frame them in this box, this is us, this is life…."

Design Team
Sonia Gomez / Michelle Diaz /
Estefania Amaya / Patricia Aleman

In this nursery we wanted to create a comfortable ambience, a place that encourages relaxation, peace and makes it easier to dedicate the time to give lots of love and care to the new baby. The room was designed to grow along with the baby girl and adapt to her.  What we wanted to achieve was a visually pleasing room with the mixture of colors that are soft while maintaining a lively tone.


The lightning is custom made, an installation of individual lamps with different shapes and sizes was made to create a sculpture-like chandelier. On the ceiling we placed a wallpaper with a cloud design from “Decosimil” to create the sky effect. The bed is also custom made along with the cushions, we included different fabrics such as linen and silks so that there’s harmony in the textures, giving the room a more vivid tone.

Alanza, Playroom Design.
Design Team
Sonia Gomez / Michelle Diaz /
Brenda Barbosa / Diana Mendoza

Alanza Playroom is a project that was designed, thought of and made just for kids. All the materials are for rough use to make it a durable place for the children. This is a multifunctional space where kids can play, enjoy, relax, read, etc. The rug is from “Floor México” and it was custom-made for this project, all the different patterns in it create a beautiful piece of art. The sofa is “Roche Bobois” and the cushions are from “Sólido Kids”. 


The wooden piece of furniture has “x” shapes on the doors and was designed so that many toys can be stored inside for the place can look organized, there are also baskets that serve as storing space while maintaining the ordered feel of the place. On top of the sofa, there are 4 shelves made for the four kids, each storing their favorite books.  


There’s a desk area made for creating, building and playing with a center table for rough use, designed by the studio. A black and white pattern brings the fun in the bathroom along with resin animal decoration pieces such as a shark and dinosaur. 

Río Sena
San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México


Design Team
Sonia Gomez / Patricia Alemán / Linda Carmona 

This teenager room's main theme that was this young adult's love for football, the theme of Banksy-inspired graffiti was very important.  Several design tests were made and we experimented with wallpaper to make this custom-made design.  A new desk was proposed where he could take online classes, a TV console with space to put trophies and a storage area for his gaming consoles with two sofas and a table so he could invite his friends to hang out, play video games and chill.

 Another important point was the signed t-shirt, which was very important to him and we sought to reflect it by framing it, combining the frame and a striped wallpaper background so that it would be a protagonist part of the room on the wall in which it is located.

 For the lighting, a vintage lamp fan was chosen and the colors white, red, gray and black were combined to give harmony to this bedroom.

Cantizal II.
Design Team
Sonia Gomez /

The Playroom was made for a house with four kids, we had to manage how to store their toys using a cool design that is also aesthetically pleasing, it also had to be a room so that kids and adults could entertain themselves which is why there's a bar in the center with a table football and on the other end of the room there's a big sofa that can be transformed into a single side sofa or a two-side sofa, with the ability to use the backside as a bench. The playroom is decorated with Kaws' sculptures and a painting from Sonia Gomez Art. 


The exterior terrace was made from steel with a glass roof and three custom-made chandeliers produced with steel and local outdoor fabrics. There’s a wooden sculpture from “De un Mundo u Otro”. This place was designed to be a pleasant outdoor experience for a family dinner or for having guests over. 


The girls' room has been adapted to growing kids. It was first a nursery and was now transformed to fit the need of older kids. A wide, white desk with a pewter and top glass was built into the room to accommodate online classes and protect the furniture. The chandelier is from “Restoration Hardware” and the bed has a trundle bed, for it to fit two people. 


The boys' room has also been transformed from a nursery room to a teen's room. One that can accommodate young adults. It's a cool place to hang out and relax. A room to invite friends to chill and have fun. The bed covers are from “Restoration hardware” as well as the rug. The art on the wall was designed and produced here in our studio. The desk was also built so it has enough storage to fit toys inside of it, leaving an ordered, clean space for attending online classes.


The main bedroom has two thin drawers with a quartzite top and two lamps with quartz. The custom furniture in front of the bed was designed at the studio and built in place, its purpose was to function as aesthetic and organized storage for books while also providing privacy by blocking the view to the bathroom from the entrance of the room. 


The studio has custom-made shelves that were built in place. Their purpose is to store material samples and catalogues. The beams in the ceiling are made from steel, hand painted by local artisans. The exterior terrace has chairs that were prototypes for the Comuna Restaurant project and the table was created from recycled cable rolls. 

The kitchen also has a built-in piece of furniture, the green wall. It is not a vertical garden, it is a metallic structure that holds pots with “Epipremnum aureum” plants and other local plants. It harmonizes with the environment, making a connection between the interior and the exterior. Bringing the outside world in, it gives the kitchen an outdoor feeling. 

Cantizal TG.
Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, México
Design Team
Sonia Gomez / Ana Cristina García Luna 

This project is a home where kids can grow, a place both kids and adults can enjoy. The living room sofas and cushions were custom made with varied tones and textures that are soft and provide a sense of comfort and relaxation. The painting on the wall is titled “All I have is now” and was made by Sonia Gomez. The sculptural piece on the lateral wall was designed and installed by Sonia. The chandelier was designed and custom made by recycling antique cable rolls, giving them a new purpose. The bar table was designed to be a mobile element that can be placed where it’s most convenient depending on the occasion, with multiple compartments and finishes, the piece serves its purpose in maintaining a clean and organized space. The stools from the bar are from small so that they can be moved easily with the piece and also allow a better view of it, the decoration on the bar was also small so that it doesn't take much space while it is in use.


A metallic structure to hold various plants and pots was custom built outside the kitchen so that while inside, one can appreciate the view of nature. This was an ingenious way to bring the outdoors in, turning what could be a plain wall into a beautiful sight.


Upstairs, the main bedroom shows a different color palette from the living room, the tones are earthier but they remain soft, maintaining the peaceful ambience. The art piece on the wall is called “...” and was painted by Sonia Gomez. The desk and shelves on the wall have enough storage room to leave a cleared view of the design and the finishes. 


The kids' rooms are made to grow with them as they can easily be modified and adapted for a near future in which their lifestyle changes and they have different needs. Outstanding views and beautiful paintings decorate the walls while custom made pillows and furniture enhance the rooms. 


Downstairs, a playroom, a tv room and a bar come together to provide a space fit for both children and adults. The two sided sofa can be used as a sofa alone or a bench can be pulled out from inside it so that it functions as sitting space from both sides. On one side of the room, a special place for toys was built so that children enjoy playtime and storage was added so that the place could be maintained clean and organized. This space was planned specifically for bringing family and friends together.

San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México


Design Team
Sonia Gomez / Ana Cristina García Luna 

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